Vegan Video Courses

Helping moms make the transition to a vegan lifestyle.

Start Your New Lifestyle

Eat More Plants

We are so excited that you are ready to start your vegan journey!  We have compiled some of our favorite resources and tools that help us plan, purchase, and prepare the delicious meals that we eat every day.

Family Centered

Our courses are designed to support your growing family. We have found that this lifestyle works for us as adults and for our little kiddos. We have found meals our kids love and are excited to share them with you!

Course Handbook

This handbook is your companion for starting and sustaining your new vegan lifestyle. Meal plans and grocery lists are provided to support plant-based eating for a whole month!

Vegan Starter Course

Are you ready to transition to a vegan lifestyle but you aren't sure where to start? Let us guide you on your first steps!


Vegan Starter Guide

10 tips for starting a vegan lifestyle!


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